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Our Yoga Classes


Your class always begins with a mental exercise called the ‘Slip Second’ which teaches detachment, creating mental energy.  This is followed by a format of ‘asanas’ (postures) which develop flexibility and strength, improve posture and creates physical energy.  The class finishes with a period of deep relaxation.

By practising Yoga you can begin to master the art of relaxation as well as gaining valuable self-knowledge, self-awareness; uniting mind and body.

  • Learn to relax and how to tackle stress

  • Increase self awareness and knowledge

  • Deal with anxiety

  • Improve flexibility and posture

  • Increase physical strength


About Pranayama

Pranayama yoga was brought to this country in the 1960s by Yogini Sunita. She was the greatest exponent of ‘living for the moment’, one of the main principles of the method.  

Sunita’s yoga, named The Lotus and the Rose – ‘The Art of Relaxation’ creates a mental forum for tackling stress, anxiety, making changes, achieving personal goals and living with reality. 

  • Prana – breath control

  • Yama – relaxation of the mind

  • Yoga – unity